8 Safety Rules For Kids You Think You Don’t Need, But They Actually Need

8 Safety Rules For Kids You Think You Don’t Need, But They Actually Need

The world is getting scary full with every passing day, one has to face it by hook or by crook. Things had changed severely when as kids we grew up; the difference can be seen easily from then and now baby journey. The changes have made every parent be aware of things around them. There are some expert’s tips that can help as a safety rule for kids and guide to parents

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  1. Water safety: on an average of 2 people drown every minute in a year and among 1.2 million people across the globe, 70% of them are kids. Children love playing with water, and they don’t have a single idea of how hazardous it can be. The parents must keep an eye on their loved ones when they are in and around the pool, it takes 2 minutes for a kid to lose consciousness under water, the parents have to be attentive even they are playing in a shower. 


  1. Chemical safety:  The cleaning supplies, which keeps your house clean can be dangerous for little ones and must be kept in cabinet locked and away from their reach. It is also advice to keep medicated pills out of reach that contain deadly ingredients, which might be injurious for their health.


  1. Weapon Safety: Keep your firearms in a locked cabinet, and its parent’s responsibility, if they owe such weapons they must not be noticed by their kids. The children must be taught from the beginning that weapons are not toys, they can be dangerous for themselves and for others too.


  1. Animal Safety: Several stories have been highlighted in which animals attacked kids, it is advised to keep your kids away from animals, as every pet cannot be controlled. Parents must look after them when they are around animals or pets. Teach your kids that they should not go near to any animal while he is eating, chewing or sleeping.

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  1. Emergencies: when your kids come at a certain age when they can easily memorize their first name or last name, they should also be taught about emergency numbers like 100, no one can predict an accident or loss, in case of emergencies, the helpline numbers can might help.


  1. Internet safety: The kids must not use gadgets at such a small age, if they do, it is suggested a that a time limit must be set for them and they can use tablets or mobile at that particular time only. Parents must check what kind of online sites their kids are browsing and one can also set parental control on them too. 


  1. Privacy: parents must teach their kids about privacy levels; they should be explained that personal information is not shared with every person. They should stay away from strangers and must involve much with them. 


  1. Difference between good & bad: it is advised that kids should know the actual difference between good and bad, the major number of kidnapping takes place due to the parent’s ignorance.